Thursday, April 7, 2022

S2E16: Isabel Canas Interview


Today, I’ve invited author, Isabel Canas, to talk about her book, “Hacienda,” a very gothic haunted house story that takes place in 1830s Mexico. You’ll be able to hear just how excited we both were about doing the show. I hope you enjoy our conversation about this book, Latinx representation, hot priests and how she came to write horror. You can pre-order your copy of “The Hacienda” using my link to support the show, as well as independent bookstores nationwide. I’ve put the book under my Gothic and Mystery suggestions. I also want to add that you can also help out the show by following She Wore Black on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and leaving us a review wherever you get your podcasts.

In the show, we talk about our disdain for "American Dirt," and I reference an NPR story about that includes an interview with Sandra Cisneros. Link to the interview is here.
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