Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Bonus Episode! Book Banning with Carolyn Foote from FReadom Fighters


Today, I’ve invited librarian and anti-censorship activist, Carolyn Foote from FReadom Fighters, to talk about the state of book banning in America, especially in Texas, and what authors and readers can do to combat this. As a former librarian myself, this subject is important to me. You’ll hear how dire the situation is, tales of ridiculous things happening in school board meetings, and I share some crazy experiences I had with censorship and book challenges. We present action items for you to take and I hope this inspires you to help curb the tide of book bans that are primarily silencing people of color and the LGBTQ community. I will have some challenged books featured on my bookshop.org storefront if you want to help support the show, as well as independent bookstores nationwide. You can also help out the show by following She Wore Black on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and leaving us a review wherever you get your podcasts.

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