Sunday, April 30, 2023

E76: Exploring Erotic Horror, BDSM, and Haunted Dungeons with Stephanie Parent

Today I have Stephanie Parent on to talk about her new book, “The Briars,” an erotic horror novel that takes place in a BDSM dungeon and explores the traditional haunted house idea in this context. The book is thoughtful and layered and beautiful, and we deep dive into all of its meaning as well as the personal experience she drew from to write the novel. This book is not available through my online bookshop for distribution reasons, but you can find it on Amazon. 
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  1. I've been getting so many great book recs since I stumbled across your podcast! I found out about it when you were on an episode of Smart Podcast, Trashy Books, and then of course, since I'm a sucker for anything Gothic, ghostly, or spooky, I had to go through your entire back catalogue and catch up. Anyway, love hearing your interviews with various authors, and this one in particular sounded intriguing. I appreciate that you're so sex-positive and accepting of various lifestyles. Thanks for keeping my Kindle full of good reads!

    Do you have a newsletter or anything about upcoming events? I noticed that you've done readings/events at Lark & Owl up in Georgetown, or down in San Antonio, so I'd love to attend one some time!