Friday, December 9, 2022

E 56: Vicious Mermaids, Body Transformation, and more with Desiree M. Niccoli


Today I have Desiree M. Niccoli on the show to talk about vicious mermaid book, “Called to the Deep.” This book explores a woman’s journey from surviving a disaster at sea to developing a taste for human flesh in her new form as a mermaid. She also develops a taste of a different kind for the handsome sea captain who saved her. We chat about metaphor in shifters and monster romance, why writers are exploring this more prevelently, and how romance works in this context. You can buy “Called to the Deep” from my online bookshop to support the show as well as independent bookstores nationwide. That’s at You can also help out the show by following She Wore Black on social media, and rating the show wherever you get your podcast. Thank you for joining us today.

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