Monday, November 27, 2023

E105: Gigi Griffis and THE WICKED UNSEEN


Today, I chat with Gigi Griffis, who wrote the novelization of the Netflix historical romance series, THE EMPRESS, and a new YA horror novel about Satanic Panic in the 90s, called THE WICKED UNSEEN. I loved having a guest with two very different books, and the range of conversation that this can offer. I hope you enjoy it too. You can find Gigi’s books in my online bookshop if you want to support both the podcast as well as independent bookstores nationwide. If you want another way to help out my podcast, you can follow me on ⁠Instagram⁠, ⁠Facebook⁠, and ⁠Threads⁠, and leave me a review wherever you get your podcasts. You can also join my ⁠Patreon⁠ community, buy ⁠merch⁠, or make a ⁠Ko-fi⁠ donation⁠. Thanks for joining me today. 

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