Thursday, February 23, 2023

E67: Laurell K. Hamilton and the 30th Anniversary of the Anita Blake Series

Today I’ve invited the legendary Laurell K. Hamilton to talk about her career writing her much beloved Anita Blake series. We chat about her deft genre blending and how including horror allowed her to write the sort of mystery she wanted. We also discuss how she broke barriers representing polyamory and BDSM, and the important ways her books impacted readers. She was so generous with her time that we chatted for 2 hours, so the episode dives without my usual intro, and I’ve pulled sections of our conversation instead of using the full recording. I hope you enjoy it! You can order Laurell’s books from my online bookshop, which helps both the podcast as well as independent bookstores nationwide. You can also help the show by following me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and leaving me a review wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks for joining me today! 

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