Thursday, August 4, 2022

"Neil Gaiman and Sandman" with Randy Ham

Today, I’ve invited my friend and Director of the Odessa Arts Council, Randy Ham, to talk about Neil Gaiman and his “Sandman” comic book series as we get ready for the launch of the Netflix show. We chat about how we became friends and met Neil Gaiman together at a Texas Library Association conference almost ten years ago, and how that helped bring innovative literary programming to his small west Texas community. We reflect on his event with Neil in front of a packed auditorium, and discuss the Sandman series and how we think it will translate to screen. You can order Neil Gaiman books using my link to support the show, as well as independent bookstores nationwide. That’s at I also want to add that you can help out the show by following She Wore Black on Twitter and Instagram, and leaving us a review wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks for joining us today.

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